Monday, January 24, 2011

Session #22: Summary

We began the January session by watching a short introduction to voicethread.  Next, we tinkered with some of the management features a bit and discovered that although voicethread is very easy to use, there are some things to learn about how to manage your account, set up groups, and moderate comments.  Our voicethread discussion wrapped up with us talking about various ways to use the tool to foster learning and community in online courses.  Many of us are using voicethread in our courses this semester.  Please add a comment to this blog entry and tell us about your voicethread successes (or cautions).

The group had a very lively discussion about The Brain Gap, the topic of Chapter 2 in the iBrain book.  We shared many anecdotes about ourselves, our children, and our students that demonstrated how the brain gap is evidenced in our lives.  We speculated on what society will value in the future in terms of the ways people interact and communicate.

P.S. There are some great tutorials on  Unfortunately, you must be on campus to access them. 

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justroud said...

I started a VoiceThread for students in my EDEL 648 prompts them to discuss a video they are required to view during the module. No one has posted comments yet, but the thread has only been available for three days. I am not requiring/grading VT participation during this module...just want to see how it works and get some feedback from students. If all goes well, I hope to use VT in my other two classes and make it a participation requirement.